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Nations Choice Limited is proudly feeding the nation. With our extensive local and global supply chain we are offering businesses and homes a versatile product range that includes meats, seafood, and frozen vegetables.

The embodiment of our dedication to excellence shines through our growing roster of partners including hotels, government agencies, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and wholesales. Through innovation and our remarkable supply chain, we are empowered to procure, process and reliably distribute high-quality products island-wide. 

Who we are

Our Team

Meet the outstanding team guiding our operations.

Donald McDonald image

Donald McDonald

Oral Dacosta image

Oral Dacosta

Sales Director
Hubert Hinds Image

Hubert Hinds

Finance Manager
Carlton Richards

Carlton Richards

Operations Manager 

Antwayne Campbell

Antwayne Campbell

Distribution & Facilities Manager


Michael Ringrose

Michael Ringrose

Credit & Collections Manager
Stacey Campbell

Stacey Campbell 

Business Development Manager
Tavonia Davis image

Tavonia Davis

Chief Accountant
Ainsworth McKoy image

Ainsworth McKoy

Standards & Efficiency Manager
Mark Palmer image

Mark Palmer

Marketing Manager


Our commitment to prompt service guarantees fast delivery to customers. We provide a reliable and consistent supply of premium frozen meats, vegetables, and seafood, boasting a substantial storage capacity of Five Million kg. To ensure consistent availability, we maintain an ample inventory, with a minimum equivalent to an 8-week supply for all our products.

With our dedicated fleet and streamlined logistics, we pride ourselves on delivering your orders punctually and with utmost efficiency. Our extensive distribution capacity ensures reach is facilitated by a fleet of over 40 trucks, enabling us to deliver island-wide with exceptional efficiency. We pride ourselves on our robust distribution network, ensuring that all parishes receive deliveries at least three times per week, guaranteeing freshness and quality with every shipment.



Our state-of-the-art facility processing facility is located in Swansea Clarendon. We offer a range of value-added protein that are cut, pickled, and smoked as well as Bacon and Burgers.

Our daily 24- hour operations are supported by a team of 50 dedicated individuals, committed to meeting our customers' unique requirements. Quality Control is important to us and all processing are done to the highest standards in alignment with industry operating standards.

Request a customization, and we'll ensure it's fulfilled to your satisfaction.

Frozen Vegetables


We provide versatile packaging options tailored to our customers' preferences, including consumer packaging for retail sale, private-label and custom-branded products for select clients.